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Working with a Medicare Plan Specialist 


When clients are making a decision about Medicare enrollment, it is important to educate them on plan options, benefits, choices and penalties.  It is also important to understand the potential consequences of chosing a plan that limits their freedom to choose their providers, their ability to travel, and the financial exposure with out-of-pocket exposure. 


Peery Agency is an independent Insurance agency focusing on Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage plans. We work with the top insurance companies in the nation. This allows us to provide the important information needed to best understand options. We educate our clients on the plans offered by the different insurance companies and help them compare the out of pocket costs and coverage benefits of each plan option.

Medicare can be confusing and we want to make it simple.  





Insulin Costs- Reduced Cost Share, capped at $35 for 30 day supply, based in Inflation Reduction Act.  

Peace of Mind!

So many Medicare recipients are left in the dark each year with the new plan changes that can lead to costly mistakes. They have no one to guide them and when you’re left with just the insurance carrier to talk to, it’s a recipe for more confusion and potential consequences.


Laura Peery will be your personal Medicare Plan Advisor. She works with the top Insurance companies in the Medicare market. Her expertise and guidance will save you time, money and help you make an effective decision on your plan.  Since she works with all the different types of Medicare plans she can provide a true overall perspective of what options are available and will best suit your needs....and Laura provides this valuable service to you absolutely free.

Medicare Basics  


Will you be turning 65 soon, and become eligible for Medicare benefits? Would you like to know how it works, and what your options are to get the most benefits for the least expense?  i help my clients still working to do a pan comparison to find the best cost, which may not be a work-sponsored group plan.  I also help clients who are on SSDI apply for a plan that works best for them.  

Request a complimentary MEDICARE 101 consultation.  

Here is a link to understanding original Medicare and how original medical alone leaves final gaps and no coverage for certain medical conditions, such as prescriptions, dental, vision, long-term care.  Original Medicare also have expose beneficiaries to large out-of-pocket responsibilities.


CMS Required disclaimer:  "We may not offer every plan available in your zip code.  Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area.  Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options."



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