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Life Settlement Options

Did you know your life insurance policy can pay for Retirement and Long-Term Care?

Life insurance policies are one of the most valuable assets a person can own. They are also one of the most misunderstood and wasted.


The majority of people don’t realize that their policy can provide a number of benefits while they are alive, and too often abandon the policy as seniors—unfortunately after making premium payments for years!


Are you over the age 65 with $100,000 life insurance policies or larger?

The owner of a life insurance policy can use their policy while still alive to help cover their retirement and long term care costs. Would you abandon your home without selling it after years of making mortgage payments? Of course not, and no one should abandon a life insurance policy after years of making premium payments either.

  • Settlement: Generate income with a lump sum Cash Settlement

  • Benefit: Healthcare and senior living expenses with a Long-Term Care Benefit Plan

  • Income: Supplement retirement funds for life with a Guaranteed Income Annuity

  • Protection: Maintain partial policy without premium payments with a Retained Death Benefit


Don’t lapse or surrender your life insurance policy without speaking to us first! Contact us today to learn how you can obtain the hidden value of your life insurance policy and create a new living benefit for you and your family.


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